About Asia

About Asia

About Asia McClain Chapman, Confessions of a Serial Alibi
Photographer: Danielle Mize

Asia McClain Chapman was born on June 26th, 1981, in Inglewood, California. Her parents, Carl and Michele McClain, were separated in 1986 resulting in her relocation to Baltimore, Maryland. After growing up in the Baltimore County school system, Asia graduated from Woodlawn High School in 1999 and proceeded thereon to college.

In search of a fresh start Asia made the decision to drive across the country in 2005. After several years of living in Portland, Oregon, and working full-time as a personal assistant, Asia met her now-husband Phillip Chapman in 2008. The couple married in 2009 and they are now the proud parents of three rambunctious little boys, Lucas, Alexander and Ethan Chapman.

Located in Spokane, Washington, Asia spends her days as a stay-at-home mother, board secretary of Solutions Automation and small business owner of Diamond Concepts. The company itself was developed as an extension of the couple’s desire to transfer specific business knowledge & talents to others. Since its humble beginnings it has become the embodiment of their personal commitment to assisting others in achieving their personal and financial goals. Whether the dream is to create additional income or just to spend more time with family while pursuing dreams, Diamond Concepts goal is to help. Diamond Concepts illuminates a path to becoming a successful business owner & educates couples & individuals on how to grow a cash flow producing asset outside of traditional employment. With the right effective daily habits results have been achieved within a 2-5 year period.   

In addition to her commitment to her businesses, Asia enjoys web-designing, writing, cooking, gardening and working with her hands in addition to participating in events with her local MOMS Club chapter and church.

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