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Serial Podcast: The Road Less Traveled

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I’ve recently read online that the “trolls” are once again grumbling about my response to the question on whether I think Adnan is guilty or innocent. Don’t get me wrong, I understand your concern; however, I think people with these type of concerns are looking at things all wrong. I do have my own theories and opinions about some of the people (Adnan included) that you have come to regard as characters in the Serial Podcast. I highlight many of these theories and opinions in my book, Confessions of a Serial Alibi.

Unlike many of you I haven’t studied all of the case documents, listened to all the witness interviews and I am still not familiar with all the trial details. I haven’t read the Evidence Professor’s or Susan Simpson’s blogs. I haven’t downloaded the Undisclosed or the Truth & Justice Podcasts yet. In fact, I’ve only EVER listened to the Serial Podcast once (in its entirety) and even then, the main thing that I took away from it was that Kevin Urick testified about our conversation in a way that I found to be inaccurate. Thus triggering me to correct the situation as best I could.

In my opinion the Serial Podcast did a good job for what it was, but at the end of the day I consider it to be a production of fact based entertainment. Within the podcast, Sarah brought information together very well, but obviously not in its entirety. This is evident because we now have all these other podcast, whose sole purpose is exposing other tidbits of information that Serial didn’t cover. I don’t think Serial aimed to confuse people, rather Sarah was simply left confused by what she found and that sentiment transferred over into the podcast. There’s no questions that Serial left a lot of room for the case and its facts to be debated among its listeners. That is part of what made it so popular, but I also think it was inevitable.

I didn’t realize that when I first hit the Serial Podcast play button, that I was being sucked into this world of #TeamGuilty and #TeamInnocent. Sounds insensitive to say, but the social media buzz surrounding this case reminds me of when the Twilight movies came out and everyone was either #teamedward or #teamjacob.

I have made the hard choice to follow my own path regarding Adnan’s guilt/innocence. I call this the “straight path” which is specifically unique to me and my experience with Adnan.

I discuss this path & more in my book,

Confessions of a Serial Alibi.

If you have any interest in understanding more about this & MORE, don’t rely on some anonymous

                         troll (…cough Seamus)
to give you his/her best guess…

Read my BOOK…

serial podcastNOW AVAILABLE FOR DELIVERY June 7th

serial podcast

-Asia McClain Chapman


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