The Hard Truth About Being Asia McClain

People need to understand just because it’s their first time sending me a snarky or abrasive comment, that it doesn’t mean it’s my first time reading such a comment. Remember, you are one of hundreds. People all over the world tell me their opinions freely thanks to the Internet. I’ve endured over a years worth of comments from mean and/or judgemental people. I’ve been described as everything from a liar to a groupie, a fame whore, unintelligent, a pushover, vile, a pig, ugly, a piece of shit, suspicious, unreliable etc. People talk crap about me because I like to dress nice and due to my activity on social media. I’ve even been criticized over the brand name of eye glasses that I wear. People have said mean things pertaining to my unborn child. There are those that have criticized my husband, my spelling mistakes, my shoes. Hell, I’ve read that my makeup choices are “clownish”, that I’m a joke, you name it! I’ve been shamed in more ways then you can imagine. Those are just some of the one’s I’ve seen from the last month! Although extremely hurtful, I realize now that these comments have no value and as a result my social media blocking policy is now very strict. One and done, I now say! I don’t need the negative vibes and I could care less about hearing the same type of harsh and insensitive criticism, for the one hundredth time. Instead of judging me so harshly, perhaps you should take a look inside. Perhaps you should question what’s broken within yourself. Why you spew such ugliness. Why you think it’s okay to be so hateful and cruel to another human being. I’m going to navigate my situation the way I see fit. I’m going to do what I think is right. Your negative input is not necessary.


-Asia McClain Chapman


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